Brady Gets Justice


After months and months of fighting over deflated footballs, Tom Brady will be playing for the Patriots against the Steelers in next week’s opening game. Judge Berman, a federal judge, has overturned NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s four game suspension of Brady for violations of process. He said that Brady did not have proper notification of the penalties he faced, did not have proper access to cross-examine one of his accusers, and should have been penalized under the rules of the game, not the broad “detrimental behavior to the game” clause that Goodell used.

This is the right outcome. Anything beyond a fine and written warning to Brady for deflating footballs is ridiculous. Goodell was seeking to repair his damaged reputation, and went way overboard for something very stupid. That there even was a “Wells Report” is ridiculous, let alone the findings that they “thought” Brady “might have” known about it. It’s good that Brady won this case, and even with an appeal, will be under center next week.


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