Denali, Denial, it’s all the same for the GOP


Denali is a mountain in Alaska. Well, at least that’s what it was originally called. Denali was the native name of Mt. McKinley, which we later re-named for the American President. President McKinley never stepped foot in the state of Alaska though, and the locals wanted the name changed. And by locals, I mean the Governor, both Senators, and the natives. So it was pretty unanimous.

Conservatives are mad though- yes, really. Speaker John Boehner and other Ohio Republicans are complaining. Red State’s Editor is mocking the move, saying at least the President “didn’t name it Mt. Trayvon.” For real. Clearly conservatives and Ohioans should get to name a mountain in Alaska.

Even as we approach the end of the seventh year of President Obama’s tenure in office, conservatives want to have petty fights with the President over trivial matters where the President is doing what the people in question want. Perhaps instead of renaming the mountain Denali, the President should have renamed the Republican Party “Denial.”


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