Cops Deserve to Live


I’ve written quite a bit about how I support the ideals of the Black Lives Matter movement, and others concerned about inequality in law enforcement. I don’t believe many cops at all are racists, but I do believe the results indicate that we have a justice system that is not sufficiently color-blind. I don’t believe this comes down to a cops vs. African-Americans issue, though I know many on both sides do. I view it as a justice issue that we should all want to resolve.

Today a police officer was shot dead in Fox Lake, Illinois. While many will want to go back to debating policing policy in America, I don’t see the connection. Police officers are human beings, they are family, friends, and co-workers of other people. This man was a father. He had a family. He deserved to go home tonight.

Cops do a dangerous job every day, and we should support and respect them. Regardless of what other issues we have with policing in this country, the cops are our there doing a tough job. When one is shot, we should all hope the killers are brought to swift justice. We also should act to make sure that killers like the suspects in this case have a harder time getting guns, and make the penalty much harsher when they do. We could do a lot more for cops than we do, and that’s something we all should agree on.


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