An Updated Order- Who I Want to Win the World Series


Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

I already gave my order of preference in each league once, but I wanted to update that a bit. Here’s my preference to win the World Series:

  1. Pittsburgh- I just love watching this team. Buctober! Happ and Blanton too.
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers- Rollins and Utley deserve that second ring.
  3. Texas- Cole Hamels getting a ring is cool by me.
  4. Kansas City- How can you root against the Royals? Also, Ryan Madson.
  5. Toronto- Ben Revere is cool. I just think it’d be cool to see them win once.
  6. Los Angeles Angels- While i’d like to see Trout want to leave, I’m a Shane Victorino fan.
  7. New York Yankees- I just don’t hate the Yankees the way a lot of Phillies fans do. I just don’t love them either.
  8. San Francisco- I know a lot of Phillies fans hate them, but I don’t.
  9. Baltimore- It doesn’t look good for them, but playoff games in Camden Yards are cool.
  10. Arizona- I like them, but it isn’t happening.
  11. Minnesota- I just feel like they’re lucky. I don’t know.
  12. Tampa- I don’t know.
  13. San Diego- Yeah, same here.
  14. Houston- I mean, they’ll be back.
  15. Chicago Cubs- I really am holding my hate from the deadline stuff against them.
  16. St. Louis- I just don’t like their fans. Learn to boo.
  17. Washington- You’re not New York, DC!
  18. New York Mets- Never. Must.Not.Cheer.For.Mets.

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