The “WTF” VMA’s


Well, MTV had their VMAs last night, and well, they were something else. I don’t know what something is yet, but I saw more of Miley Cyrus’ body than any other woman this weekend, saw Nikki Minaj both end and start a fight on stage, saw whatever Kanye was aiming for, and saw a reminder that Taylor Swift is running our world.

First, on Kanye- he says he’s running for President in 2020. He also says a lot of other things, like that he is defending artists, he doesn’t understand awards shows, and that I guess he and Taylor Swift are friends. He notices when 60,000 fans boo him at a sporting event, which was kind of news to me. I mean, he was Kanye West, one of the greatest artists of his time, and his speech was what I expected from him. He rambled, he made sense only to those who have followed his whole career, if them, and he said bizarre stuff. Honestly, even so, it was the highlight of the night to me. In a night full of artists I’ve never heard of and didn’t really get into, he was awesome. He reminded me why I like hip-hop. I remember on some rougher nights while I was in college breaking out “College Dropout” and going for a long walk, listening to it on my iPod. Kanye West is an amazing artist.

Britney Spears was there, which is incredible. I love Britney. Like for real. She became a star right around when I was entering high school, and she is the standard for all divas after her. Ice Cube was there too, and he’s the man. I didn’t get Kylie Jenner being up there, but she is famous, and she is a model, so I was cool with it.

I thought Miley Cyrus was awesome. She wasn’t necessarily that funny, but she didn’t care, and so I didn’t either. She’s truly the symbol of not giving a damn what anyone thinks, and she’s doing it better than anybody else. Oh sure, she’s basically nude on stage, but she doesn’t even care about that, so why should I? She did a good job not taking Nikki Minaj’s bait, and her own performance was kind of weird, but it was clearly Miley’s show. Just in time for her album to drop.

Nikki Minaj…. I don’t know what to say about her. I mean, she starts the show by making peace with Taylor Swift and putting on an awesome performance, then after she gets an award, she makes a spectacle of herself. I actually think she’s a pretty good performer, but I don’t think she did herself any favors with this one. After calling out Cyrus, she pretty much was phased out of the show. They never caught her on the screen again, on what could have been her big night too after how it started. Much like her boyfriend Meek Mill, she started a fight that’s probably going to go a lot worse for her than the person she attacked.

Oh yeah, and Taylor Swift. Yeah, Taylor Swift. She’s not only the biggest star right now in pop music, she towers over the men presenting her with awards. Seriously, has anyone more perfect ever been made (besides maybe Britney?)? I think the shots of her and Kim Kardashian together during Kanye’s speech practically broke the internet. I also loved her little social justice call out at the end of an acceptance speech too. Taylor’s awesome.

Besides that, I don’t have any other highlights to talk about. Big Sean’s acceptance speech actually made me have some respect for him, I was glad that Kendrick Lamar at least was on the Taylor song that won the big award, and Bieber is still weird. I’m not a Macklemore fan, Demi Lovato is beautiful, and Iggy is weird. Also, MTV partnering with Apple Music and not Tidal rubbed me the wrong way. Watching this awards show made me miss the days of Eminem, the Chili Peppers, and Green Day winning awards. I joked that the worst album Dr. Dre ever produced would be the best now, but I’m not joking. Break them old records off the shelf.


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