Scott Walker is Dumb


I’m not going to pretend that I don’t want to be offensive here- I do. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Governor and a Republican Presidential candidate, is an idiot. It’s not that I disagree with him on union rights or that I find him to be corrupt, or anything like that. The man is just an intellectual midget, in a way that I won’t even accuse Ted Cruz of being, despite how much Cruz offends me with his positions. Walker not only takes bad positions, he takes nonsense ones.

I do not support a border fence on the southern border. We are spending record amounts of money on border security on our southern border, and deportations have been at all-time highs for most of President Obama’s time. Even so, I do understand why we’re debating the issue of the southern border, given the percentage of people who are here from Latin America without documentation. A border fence is a stupid, ineffective, and symbolically offensive solution to that problem, but I will debate that position with you if you’d like. Scott Walker obviously supports this, and I’m sure he’s for ending “birthright citizenship” under the 14th Amendment this week, but now he has to go a step further. He says building a fence along the U.S.’s northern border with Canada is a legitimate issue. That’s right, this guy actually is open to building a northern border fence. You know, terrorists might come in from the north….

Seriously though, as long as we allow international flights, boats from foreign countries, or any crossing of the border into the United States, terrorists might come into our country. This imbecile is actually advocating for building big fences on both our northern and southern borders. He wants to spend billions of dollars on a solution in search of a problem, at not just one, but two borders. Yes, our broken immigration system requires a response, and border security spending, but this might be the most insanely stupid plan released by any candidate to date. I’d say this man should be embarrassed to be proposing this, but anyone who would even put forth this idea is hopelessly incapable of realizing how stupid it sounds.

I can’t imagine this man being in the Oval Office in a time of crisis. Can you imagine this guy on the phone with leaders in China, Russia, India, Germany, or any other important nation. I’m serious here, could you imagine this guy talking to the King of Saudi Arabia if we had a real crisis? It’s kind of ridiculous that this guy is considered a real candidate, let alone that he is actually a sitting governor.


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