I Still Hate the Mets


Jacob de Grom is pretty good. Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

As the “Let’s go Mets” chants rang out over Citizens Bank Park on Monday night, I remembered what I already knew- I hate the Mets. I hate the team. I hate a lot of the players (though not like 2007). The fan base is like that annoying brother you have much in common with, but hate.

The Mets are the Phillies real rivals. They are inescapable. We share the New Jersey media market with them. They are the nearest geographic rival. Obviously the Mets are the biggest other character in the recent great run the Phillies had, with the 2006-2008 period being some of the most intense baseball two teams have played in recent memory. Since then the Mets had been bad, and the rivalry had completely faded by the time both teams stunk in 2013. Now they’re back though, leading the division and sweeping us in a frustrating series in Philadelphia this week. Despite hitting Jacob de Grom and Jon Niese hard and even hitting Noah Syndergaard decently, the Phillies did not get the big hits, did not pitch well, and didn’t really even field that well. It was ugly.

The NL East is a real mess, and the Mets are the only other team that seems to be moving in the right direction. While the Phillies suddenly have a minor league system that is good, if that leads to an improved team, it will put them right back in conflict with the Mets. So while this week doesn’t matter much to Phillies fans, the future will be one of increased dislike for the Mets again. In the end, the Mets are the natural rival, and they are the rival whom we will have to eventually beat to win again.

So, for me it’s always 2007. I hate the Mets. As painful as it is, go Nationals.


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