Don’t Bother Trying to Understand Benghazi Conspiracy Theories


For close to three years, conservatives have been shrieking about “Benghazi.” To be clear, it finally makes sense to me that they don’t really mean the place or the event there, but they mean some event that is mostly sensational, something they’ve created in their head. For three years, I’ve mocked them and laughed at their obsession. For three years, I’ve been right about Benghazi, and for three years, I haven’t understood what they’re talking about.

I’ve continuously went back to the ARB (Accountability Review Board) and told conservatives to read it or shut up. I’ve assumed that this was a debate about how the government handled the events at Benghazi, or something that is mostly technical. I’ve thought this is a debate about what the government failed to do and how to fix it, with a political side simply thrown in because conservatives always think Hillary is wrong. For three years, I’ve had it wrong.

Conservatives don’t look at Benghazi and see a failure of mid-level State Department or CIA staff to protect American property and lives, they see something worse. Conservatives think the government actually planned and executed the attack at Benghazi. They have made up some outlandish reasonings in their minds for why either Hillary, the President, or both wanted this done, and they have convinced themselves it’s true. In the conservative mind, the government isn’t a victim of it’s own failings that caused Benghazi, they were the attackers at Benghazi. When you come to this realization, it’s funny and you laugh at them, but it’s also alarming. You can never shut down an investigation being driven by the most nonsensical hysteria in the human mind. How do you prove their theory is wrong, it’s like proving a unicorn doesn’t exist? It’s so outlandish that you can’t even really debate it.

When you come to this realization, you realize there’s nothing to debate about Benghazi, or even to discuss. The discussion we are having is with loons, conspiracy theorists, and wackos. They believe that Hillary or Barack might have even ordered the attack. There’s really nothing to discuss with something that stupid.


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