Yes, Gun Control


Charleston. Roanoke. Virginia Tech. Aurora. The Sikh Temple. Newtown. Columbine. I could go on and on, and in fact I’d still forget some of them. Mass shootings are about as American as apple pie at this point, and very unique to America. Canada doesn’t have mass shootings nearly monthly. Neither does the United Kingdom. Neither does Italy. Neither even does China. We do have some peers, to be fair. Syria has a lot of gun violence right now, but they’re having a civil war that includes ISIS. Somalia has lots of gun violence too, but they also have no laws.

You hear the same arguments every time against gun control. Whatever law is proposed would not have stopped this/every violent gun attack- as though that’s a reason to do nothing. Perhaps since murder laws don’t stop all murders, we should get rid of them. Since environmental laws don’t stop all polluters, we should drop those. Sadly though, this is the least nonsensical argument against gun control. Other arguments center around guns as some defense against the government, or that some form of slippery slope will take us from gun limitations to rounding up all gun owners and taking guns from them. These arguments are ridiculous and outlandish on their face, as the government is not going to attempt to round up all guns, nor would your personal gun stash stop the government from doing anything.

The U.S. is not capable of taking all guns off the street, nor should it even try. Law-abiding gun owners and hunters, people who can pass a background check, should be able to do what they want. This is about stopping people who shouldn’t have guns. Background checks are far too rare in America. You don’t always have to report a lost or stolen hand-gun in our nation. Penalties for having “hollow-tip” bullets or scratched off serial numbers are not stiff enough. We can make these laws more expansive and make them work better, so that we stop more bad people from having guns, and make deterrents much stiffer against gun crime. Gun buyback programs worked in Australia, and gun control works in Canada and the UK. We do not have to live in our status quo. We only have to if we allow the NRA to say no gun control, ever, is acceptable. We are allowing gun manufacturers, through their lobbying arm, to dictate our policy. There is no reason for that. Gun ownership is a right to law abiding citizens, but so is life to all of our citizens.


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