The New York Daily News is a Disgrace


I’m not showing the cover.

A reporter was fired a few days ago from WDBJ in Southwest Virginia. Yesterday, he executed a reporter and camera man while they were broadcasting live. He live-tweeted that execution, which he recorded as he did it. He then faxed a manifesto to the media about why he did this, how he was right, and how he was “the victim” here. It was disgusting, and it was clear that Bryce Williams, actually named Vester L. Flanagan, wanted our attention. Sadly, this coward got it, before turning the gun on himself.

Moving forward, the attention should be on this sicko’s victims, and not on him. He is a disgusting person, a person who saw it fit to take the lives of people who did nothing wrong. His point of view should be ignored. It shouldn’t be on the front of the New York Daily News this morning, which it is. The Daily News has decided to use still frames of the murderer’s video as it’s cover tomorrow, including the moment that he pulled the trigger on his victims. It is beneath the Daily News or any other outlet in the world to give this coward’s perspective any sort of memorial. His point of view should be forgotten. His victims should not be remembered for their final seconds.

If I believed that the Daily News were doing this for the purpose of shocking our public into demanding action on gun control, I’d probably actually support this cover. I don’t. They are doing this because of the relationship between over-the-top covers and sales. They are doing this because they can. Even as classless as it is, the Daily News knows it’s good business.

This cover is a national disgrace though. The New York Daily News should be ashamed of their actions. They have given a platform to a coward, a murderer. He does not deserve one.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Williams/Flanagan was fired two days ago, not a few days ago as I had heard. Doesn’t change the basics on this piece though.


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