No, the Iran Deal Doesn’t Do That…


One of the frustrating things about much of the debate over the Iran Nuclear Deal is the completely wrong information being pushed and debated. Misinformation over what the deal does, what other options there were, and what was possible is making it very difficult to have a legitimate conversation. Fortunately, 29 of 31 Democratic Senators are paying attention to the reality of the deal, and are supporting the deal.

I want to take a moment to debunk several myths about the deal that I hear a lot:

  1. We are not giving Iran a dime of our money- There seems to be a lot of misinformation over who’s money Iran is getting as a result of the deal. Let’s be clear, Iran is getting Iran’s money. Right now, they have frozen bank accounts all over the world as a result of the sanctions. That is money they cannot touch, but it is their money. They can’t touch it because they were trying to build a nuclear bomb. Now they get it, in exchange for not building that bomb.
  2. You could not have expanded the sanctions, or continued them indefinitely- No, you could not “double or triple” the current sanctions as Donald Trump says, nor could you have continued them if we did not reach an agreement. Part of the reason the sanctions were effective was the support of Russia and China, both of whom were willing partners in the sanctions we had. They were not willing to do that forever, only long enough to force a deal. Without their involvement, Iran could have simply dealt with banks in their nations. It’s not even clear that Europe was willing to go forward with the sanctions much longer, as it isn’t really beneficial for their markets either. Without a deal, the sanctions would have collapsed and been a unilateral, America only thing. That’s pointless.
  3. No, You Can’t Negotiate Another Deal- If this deal is rejected, there’s virtually no chance of another deal. Why would Iran, Russia, or China come back to the table? If the deal we had wasn’t good enough, they’d be forced to presumably give more in a new deal to appease our Congress. Why would they want to do that? It would make more sense for them to walk away from the table, and for China and Russia to exit the sanctions. Why would they give away more?
  4. No, You Don’t Need 24/7 Inspections- When you build a nuclear bomb, you leave behind radiation. Radiation doesn’t go away over night. In fact, it doesn’t go away in six months, or a year, when used enough to build a bomb. In other words, if it takes 24 days to inspect a site, you’d find radiation. Even beyond this, there are other ways to watch for secret bomb programs, such as watching uranium mines (which we do know the location of). This is a non-problem.

In a debate of such consequence, and with so many legitimate issues to debate, these non-issues should be known as what they are.

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