I’m Enjoying Trump’s Act


Let me be clear- Donald Trump isn’t a real thing. He’s called for ending “birthright citizenship” under the 14th Amendment, a wall on the Mexican border (that they will pay for), and now a 35% tariff that he’s apparently going to unilaterally create on cars that come across the border. In the past he’s accused the President of not being born in America. Yesterday he threw a Univision reporter out of his news conference. He’s called his opponents losers, weak, and incompetent. He attacks a Fox News’ show host and questioned her integrity. He’s called Mexicans “rapists and drug dealers.” He’s thrown Jeb Bush completely for a loop, to the point where he’s talking about anchor babies, and then saying he means that comment at Asians. He also thinks we should have simply taken the oil from Iraq’s fields by force. He condones calling Rosie O’Donnell a pig. He attacked John McCain’s military service.

To be clear, I don’t condone anything coming out of this man’s mouth. I also don’t believe any of it. I think he’s an egomaniac who is simply following good polling on the Republican base voters, and is giving them the red-meat that they want. In short, he’s an actor. His act is really bad for the Republican Party at-large, a party that I don’t agree with. Do I find everything coming out of this man’s mouth to be ridiculous? Yes. I absolutely do. I’m also entertained. I’m amused. And of course, I think it’s helping my stated goal of electing a Democratic President. Keep it up, Donald.


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