Who I’m Pulling for in MLB’s Pennant Race


Not the Mets

We’ve reached the point in the season where baseball is virtually irrelevant in some cities. My Phillies don’t matter. Neither does Miami or Atlanta in their division. Milwaukee and Cincinnati are irrelevant in the NL Central, while Colorado is done out west. In the AL, Seattle and Oakland are finished out west. In the Central, nobody is totally dead, but Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago are not going to get there. In the AL East, Boston is toast.

So here’s my NL preference list:

  1. Pittsburgh- I love the ballpark, like the players, and enjoy the city. Plus, they’re not a rival anymore.
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers- I mean, Rollins and Utley.
  3. Arizona- Their front-office is messy, but how can you cheer against them?
  4. San Francisco- I really don’t hate them, even with the Phillies history with them. I just don’t love them.
  5. San Diego- They’re dead, so it’s easy to put them ahead of the rest.
  6. Chicago Cubs- I’d root for them had their press not said “they don’t need Cole Hamels.”
  7. St. Louis- God, I really don’t like them, but….
  8. Washington- I can’t believe they’re not last, but I’ve softened a little bit on Werth.
  9. New York Mets- I cannot root for them. Period.

And here’s my AL preference list:

  1. Texas- Cole Hamels.
  2. Kansas City- They are the best team, and they never get to win.
  3. Toronto- I’d put them higher, because I like them, but 1993 forever….
  4. New York Yankees- I don’t hate them like most.
  5. Baltimore- I love watching them hit, but they can’t do much else.
  6. Minnesota- I can’t help but like them, except that it just won’t work out.
  7. Tampa- I mean, they’re alive somehow. Not happening.
  8. Los Angeles Angels- I don’t want Mike Trout to grow attached, so I don’t want them to win.
  9. Houston- It’s their first crack at this with their young group, so while I have no issue with them, I won’t be pulling for them either.

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