No, Trump Hasn’t Tapped Into Something New


Donald Trump is getting all the coverage. He’s the big name in the Presidential race right now, the guy the media loves to cover. To be fair, he’s a showman by trade, so it’s not shocking that he’s been able to get so much coverage. It’s just also unfair and baseless. Donald Trump is not tapping into something new in this race. He’s simply tapping into an underbelly of conservative resentment, attacking immigrants and “others.” He’s gained the support of people who like that kind of thing, people who have always existed.

He’s getting less Republican support than Bernie Sanders is getting Democratic support. Bernie isn’t getting nearly as much coverage. Bernie Sanders is also not tapping into anything new, but unlike Trump no one is confusing it as such. It’s a shame. While the media is covering a sideshow, the Democratic Primary is an interesting battle of ideas and plans, between interesting, serious people that are capable of running a country.


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