Experts Know the Iran Deal is a Good Deal


Aaron Stein, a nuclear nonproliferation expert at the Royal United Services Institute, on the Iran Deal:

It exceeds or is directly in line with everything in the US fact sheet that was put out [in April]. I thought the US fact sheet was a great deal, and I think this is a good deal.

When I say that, I mean that it’s a very good nonproliferation deal. If you want it to focus on the problems with Iran running around in Iraq or Syria, this deal is not for you. If you are focused on the nuclear issue specifically, it’s a very good deal.

It makes the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapon in the next 25 years extremely remote. It would require a Herculean effort of subterfuge and clandestine activity.

I mean, hey, do you want to listen to this expert, or Benjamin Netanyahu and John Boehner?


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