Dogs are Better than People: Khalessi Edition


It’s important to note as you read this- a human being did this to a dog, not the other way around.

Khalessi’s tale begins earlier this month when Orange County Animal Services got a call saying an injured pit bull somehow ended up in a backyard in Pine Hills. When the OCAS officer arrived at the residence Aug. 6, he found the dog had no nasal passage or upper jaw, she couldn’t walk and she was emaciated, documents show.

And so she will face this:

Khalessi’s unbreakable spirit will come in handy as she prepares to face about six months worth of surgeries and recovery time, according to Paquin.
She’s still awaiting some test results, but Paquin said Khalessi will probably need six or so surgeries, with the biggest priority being constructing her a nasal cavity. In her current condition, Khalessi is at risk for aspiration any time she eats or drinks.

Once the nasal construction surgery is done vets will focus on her hind legs so she can regain full use of them.

“The legs are so unused they’re almost atrophied,” Paquin said, noting that a vet told her those injuries seemed to be from blunt force trauma, meaning Khalessi may have been hit with a baseball bat or similar object.

Plus with teeth that stick out like tusks, dental work is another high priority in Khalessi’s road to recovery.

Again- a human being’s abuse caused this. It’s disgusting. Yet, this little girl puppy is still wagging her tail and likes people. Go figure. Donate to her recovery here.


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