Suge Knight Really Was That Brutal

I know that a lot of younger people probably get tired of hearing how gangsta’ rap music was in the 1990s, and how their Drake stuff is soft garbage. They probably think stories about Suge Knight being possibly the roughest human being to ever make it in the record industry is mostly urban legend, and some of it may be. We’ll never know if he really held Vanilla Ice over a balcony to make him sign over “Ice, Ice Baby” to him. We still know plenty more than enough though.

Take the video above. Suge literally made light of Eazy-E dying of AIDS. I mean, I don’t need to say much more than that to show how cold this man was. If you don’t want to buy the urban legends about him being involved in the killings of Tupac and Biggie, if you don’t want to believe he ripped off Dr. Dre while he was the biggest producer in rap, or if you never understood why Eminem didn’t rip him a new one in a freestyle, that’s fine. The disregard for the human life of Eazy in that video above should pretty much spell things out for you.


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