Me, Part Five- My Talents


Everybody’s good at something, right? Well, maybe. Recognizing what those talents are, and using them correctly, are crucial to being a successful person, just as knowing one’s flaws is. I have a couple, and only a couple of course, talents.

I’m creative. I come up with a lot of ideas every day. I don’t always harness them all, but the sheer volume is enough to keep me busy. If I caught them all, I wonder what I could be. I catch enough to be good.

I’m competitive. Things I don’t give a damn about become important because I don’t want to lose. I’ll fight over something just to say I won it.

I’m very self-confident. I don’t define my successes by what others think or feel about me, and I don’t doubt my own ability to do things. This can be a weakness too, but it’s definitely a strength. I am not caught up in impressing anyone else.

I don’t get worked up over what’s done. If something goes badly, it goes badly. It’s over. There’s no need to be mad about it or have a drawn out conversation about it. It’s over.

I’m laid back in general. This can be a negative, but it’s also a positive. I don’t stress many things. It makes me good to work for, or work with under pressure.

I’m a very analytic person in most situations. I like to break down how things will go and go in with a plan.

I’m not a hypocrite. I am who I am. I’m also not one to double-cross you. You know where I stand.

I keep a chip on my shoulder, and that keeps me going. The minute that goes away, I lose my identity.

I don’t forget where i’m from, and the people i’m with. The constants are what matter. Stay loyal to those close to you. This matters more as you age.

I cut through the BS to what actually matters. I get the purpose of most things.

That’s about enough of nice things for me to say about myself.


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