Why the Mets Aren’t a Lock Yet


At this point, it might seem like i’m arguing against fate- the Mets probably still aren’t the favorites in the NL East. Yes, I know, they look great, a real fun story for a tortured fan base. Their young pitching is awesome, they got Cespedes, and they have some old vets like Bartolo Colon to carry the clubhouse. The Nationals on the other hand have had injury issues, lots of underachievers, and look like a lost ballclub. They’re a soft bunch that has blown it before. Now it looks like the Mets have them right where they want them.

That might be the case. The Mets might win the NL East for the first time since 2006. If so, so be it (I can’t root for either of these teams). They also might not. In fact, they might horribly collapse. First off, they’re the Mets, it’s what they do (different team, I know). Second off, those great pitchers are very young. They have innings limits. Many of them are going to hit them, soon. If Matz, Syndergaard, Harvey, and De Grom finish the season, the Mets very well may win the division, I don’t doubt that. If they need breaks, starts skipped, and shutdowns though? It’ll be real hard for the Mets to hold on.


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