A Little Chase Utley Reality


While Chase Utley was on waivers, there were a lot of Phillies fans who were arguing over whether or not he would clear. They wondered out loud how this wonderful player who they love could possibly pass by 29 teams without being claimed. Surely a team like the San Francisco Giants, who don’t want him to go to the Dodgers or the Cubs, would claim him, right?

No. No one did.

Chase Utley has had a great career. He’s 36 now though. He’s owed $4.6 million more this season, and $2 million for his buyout this off-season. He’s been injured most of the year, and just spent over a month on the DL. He’s hitting .190-ish on the season. His power is gone. His defense is suspect. There’s a whole other side to the Chase Utley discussion though, one of doubts and downside. Yes, Utley has come out to a nice start since coming off of the DL, but that is not to say that he is fine now, and worth every penny he’s still owed.

Chase Utley still has a lot of value to a contender, in my view. I see him as an upgrade for the Yankees, Cubs, and Angels down the stretch. Even a team like the Giants, that doesn’t have a permanent starting job, would get a serious upgrade for the post-season, when bench players always matter. Someone would be smart to deal for him, and take the shot that he has two months of magic in him, plus the playoffs.

With that said, time halts for no one. Utley is 36. He’s been hurt. He’s had struggles. He may get it all back together sometime soon, but even if he does, his value is limited. He’s not a $7 million investment right now. The waiver wire just proved that.


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