Me, Part Two- My Faults


Most of my faults come from one thing- i’m self-absorbed. I don’t mean in some megalomaniac way, where I literally don’t care about anyone else, I mean in a way where I just don’t notice much else. This self-absorbed mind of mine leads to several other negative traits.

The first is over-confidence. I not only believe I can do almost anything, whether I succeed or fail, I see myself as more than adequate. I always consider myself amongst the elite and most capable people at anything I do, and see no need to try and impress anyone else. If they can’t tell i’m good to begin with, I kind of dismiss them. This over-confidence can lead to other bad things, such as taking on more tasks than I can actually carry out, and then not getting any of them done as a result. Even after the failure though, my self-confidence is usually unshaken, and I don’t come across as humbled or even angry about what happened.

The second is a tendency to come across as cold. I’m generally not an emotional or sentimental person. I’m the type who wants to get down to the bone, to cut through the unimportant things, even if they make other people happy. I don’t talk much about my own feelings either, or what I want, but more so about what needs to happen or what should happen. I’m the type that can criticize my own team, because they’re wrong, and I miss that I should leave that to others. I can struggle to connect to another person as a person, precisely because I’m bad at conveying human feelings and emotions. The result of this is seeming sometimes like I just don’t care.

The third is a laid back style that can be criticized as lazy by critics. Am I lazy? Not at all. Do I get worked up about much? No. I’m not going to stress much of anything, but working in a business where everyone stresses everything and anything, that can ruffle feathers. Most people who actually work with me will tell you lots of good things about the experience, but people who aren’t as close by get annoyed and complain. What this really comes down to is that i’m not trying to impress anyone, just get things done, and that is a bit odd.

The fourth is a tendency to be dismissive of things that deviate from my plans, even when they are smart. I want to do what I want to do. I don’t want change, other perspectives, or the unexpected. This is probably my worst flaw, if you ask me. I want things to stay on the blueprint, not drift with the whims and needs of others, or the realities of change. I kind of just want everyone else to play their part.

There are other flaws of mine too. I’m terrible at self-promotion. I can’t “kiss ass” to save my life. I’m completely oblivious to how things look to others usually. I’m not interested in courting anyone, regardless of what i’m courting them for. I don’t take criticism that great. I can fail at communication with some people precisely because i’m stuck in my own world. I’m terrible at consistency as well. I can’t have one person, or one routine, or even one job forever. I need change, challenge, and new. When I’m disinterested, it shows. I’m disinterested when things aren’t going well. I’m not very interested in things i’m not good at. My attention span to things I don’t like is short.

I’ve got plenty of flaws- in fact I probably missed on some. I guess you just try to know yourself as well as you can.


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