A Great President? Indeed


President Obama has had a good Summer. He’s normalized relations with Cuba. He reached a nuclear power deal with Iran. His stated goal of legalized marriage equality happened. His health care law was upheld. Even going back a few more months, he struck a deal on carbon emissions with China.

People act like the President suddenly hit some good luck though, and that this is new. That’s not only revisionist history, it’s an outright lie. This President has an amazing record on many of the issues that progressives care about most. On “green energy” and the environment, he’s setting in place new standards for conservation, protecting millions of acres of wild lands, putting the incentives behind renewable sources of energy, and taking them away from the old fossil fuels. On LGBT rights he ended Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and helped lead the fight to end DOMA. We all know about the ACA, Dodd-Frank, the Stimulus, the Auto Bailout, and his recent proposals on prison reform. This President has a great record of fighting for the causes he believes in and ran on. He meant what he said.

The results are adding up now too. He’s had a long run of private-sector job growth, and the unemployment is half of what it was early in his tenure. The deficit is half of what it was early on. The stock market has boomed. Life is not perfect in America today, but it is better than it was in January of 2009. While the lack of perfection has lead some to voice their displeasure with the President, I think that is far too tough of a way to grade him. The good is not the enemy of the perfect. This President has been a very good President. In time, we may even come to call him great.


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