The Oncoming Nightmare of Philly Transit During the Pope’s Visit


Let’s say you don’t have a special SEPTA pass for the Papal visit. Let’s say you don’t live in Center City. I honestly suggest you take a vacation during the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia. It won’t be a fun time to travel around the city.

From Spring Garden Street at the north, to South Street at the south, from the Schuylkill River to the west, and the Delaware River at the east, “the box” will limit travel. No cars can leave and come back in. The Secret Service will lock that area down, and travel will be tough there. It will be tough outside of “the box” too. The flood of cars trying to get around on a normal schedule in the areas around the box will be awful. Travel anywhere near Philadelphia will be a nightmare. Buses will drop people off on the Camden side of the river sometimes to see the Pope. That is an insanely long walk to mass.

I’m not a security expert, so I can’t comment on whether or not the Secret Service is going over board on this. I’m going to say this though- this will be a difficult time for Philadelphians.


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