Tonight’s Debate Excites…. Democrats?


Tonight is the first Republican debate for President. Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich will be on stage, as most national Republicans want. They will have to debate some seriously different characters. Donald Trump will be on stage, and no one really knows what he’ll do. Ted Cruz will be on stage to push the “defund Planned Parenthood” movement, or whatever other “defund” movement he wants to push today that won’t sell nationally. Mike Huckabee will represent the Christian Conservative movement, comparing the Iran Deal to the Holocaust and talking about “Uncle Sugar.” Rand Paul might talk about the Gold Standard, or isolationist foreign policy. Chris Christie might beat someone up on stage, or tell a moderator to shut up. Ben Carson is literally capable of saying anything crazy, or calling anything the worst thing since the Nazis.

This is what the GOP will get for their process. They’ll even have a “happy hour” debate of the other seven candidates who they left off the stage. This is what their base wanted. They’re going to get it too, in all it’s glory.

The most excited people of all? Democrats. We’re planning parties to watch this clown show. The entertainment value is just too much to miss.


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