“Super Ugly” It Was Not


And just like that, it was over. Meek Mill apologized to Nicki Minaj on stage for starting his beef with Drake. For real. Apparently for his part, Drake is over it too. Somebody put on Missy’s “Minute Man,” because that didn’t last so long.

I get that rap music has changed and all, I do. This was hardly even a “beef” though. No “Who Shot Ya,” No “Hit ‘Em Up,” No “Ether,” and definitely no “Super Ugly.” Hell, I know 50 Cent and Eminem basically buried Ja Rule, but he spit some lines that would have basically ended Drake or Meek. This wasn’t even entertaining like Ghostface Killah just straight knocking out Mase.

To the extent that people are saying Drake won, I’m kind of heated. Having listened to all three “diss” songs related to this feud, I can’t tell you any gloves were laid on anyone in the beef at all. Drake’s songs are more “catchy” I guess, but frankly the biggest insult he hurled was putting a picture of Joe Carter with “BackToBack,” which otherwise wasn’t impressive. As an aside, next time Drake’s in Philly, I hope someone knocks him out for that.

In short, this will not go down next to the Jay Z and Nas beef, or Biggie and Tupac. It won’t go down even next to Benzino and Eminem. Lyrically speaking, i’m pretty disappointed in what I heard. Somebody dust off a microphone for Ja Rule.


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