Phillies Post-Deadline Top 50 Prospects List

  1. J.P. Crawford-SS-Reading- J.P. is easily the best talent in the system, and is a player Phillies fans should have Jimmy Rollins-esque hopes for at shortstop. He has a potentially top notch glove that just needs consistency, a bat that could hit for high average and above average power for his position, and a good attitude by all accounts. The key is for him to consistently be the talent he is. He seems to have found a level in AA that challenges him for now, so the other key here is patience, which I’m sure the Phillies will exercise with him.
  2. Nick Williams-OF-Reading- For me, this guy was the key to the Hamels trade. When all’s said and done, he could be the impact outfielder the Phillies have been waiting a while for. He’s had a breakout season in AA, and could conceivably be on a shorter timeline to the majors than was maybe expected of him when he was in Texas. His defense is more than adequate for a corner outfield slot, and his offensive game is pretty solid across the board.
  3. Roman Quinn-OF-Reading- The unknown with Quinn is how his leg will heal. IF he can get back on the field this season and show the same offensive and defensive game he showed before the injury, Quinn’s timeline is probably early to mid-2016 for reaching the majors. He profiles as a leadoff man, centerfielder, and major base stealer. If his .300 batting average type of performance earlier in the season in AA is something he can carry through to the majors, Quinn could be the kind of offensive force the Phillies desperately want and need at the top of the line-up. In the same sense that Crawford is compared to Jimmy Rollins for being a shortstop, Quinn is for hitting lead off. Unlike the rest of the top five, he isn’t on a lot of top 100 lists yet, but finishing the year strong and healthy will change that.
  4. Jake Thompson-P-Reading- The key arm that came back for Cole Hamels, Thompson profiles as a mid-to-high end of the rotation starter, who if he develops right, could fit nicely in a playoff rotation. He obviously has a big time arm, but the performance is still mixed at this stage. The key is that everything that has haunted him in 2015 is fixable, and he should still turn into a starter you’d line up next to Aaron Nola. He’ll finish the season in Reading, and in 2016 he’ll go as far as his own work and development take him.
  5. Jorge Alfaro-C-Reading- Alfaro has raw power and a bat that can play up in the middle of a major league line-up, eventually. He has some work to do with his hit tool, and some work to do defensively as a catcher. There is a lot of question as to whether or not he’ll end up catching or at first base, but if he ends up behind the plate, he has a really plus bat there. His flexibility position wise is a bonus though, and means he’ll probably make it up. He needs to get healthy, and he needs more time working with advanced pitchers to get the skills he needs to reach the majors as a catcher.
  6. Franklyn Kilome-P-Williamsport- If you like big-bodied starting pitchers that throw in the high-90s, the Phillies have one. I don’t want to say he has the highest ceiling in the organization while he’s pitching in short-season A-ball, but nothing about him suggests otherwise. Kilome is far from the majors, but next season should still be huge for him, as he’ll do his first full-season stint as a starter. The sky would seem to be the absolute limit if he can stay healthy and develop his secondary pitches. I would hardly be shocked if Kilome were a top 100 prospect after this season, and even if he made his way straight to Clearwater out of camp in 2016.
  7. Aaron Altherr-OF-Lehigh Valley- Why do I rate Altherr so much higher than most rankings? Well, for one, Altherr is probably the safest prospect on this list. He is defensively adequate at all three outfield spots, both in range and arm, so there is no fear of plugging him into the 2016 team. Secondly, his bat has blossomed this year, going from inconsistent, but with raw power, to consistently good against upper minors pitching. I’m probably more bullish on his ceiling than most, thinking he can be a 15 or 20 homer a year starter in the majors, but his performance hasn’t proven he can’t be that yet. His floor has been described as some as a fourth outfielder, in which case he’s ranked too high right here for now. With that said, I expect he’ll get a look in 2015 year, and exit this list anyway before the post-season list, when I expect others to be ready to leap up the list.
  8. Cornelius Randolph-OF-Gulf Coast League- It’s hard to rate an 18 year old rookie leaguer this high, unless you’ve seen him hit. Straight out of high school, he has more than held his own against his first professional competition, while moving from shortstop, towards the outfield. His timeline, right now, is forever away, but his bat seems steady and could be ready for a more challenging 2016 assignment if the Phillies want. While his timetable and position are still open for debate, his talent isn’t, as he’s already on’s top 100 prospects, and already is one to watch in this system.
  9. Carlos Tocci-OF-Clearwater- When he finally got promoted from Lakewood to Clearwater, some wondered how he’d do. After all, he had been at Lakewood since he was 17, and in his third season had physically finally caught up, and now he’d take on older, more advanced players. So far though, he’s more than passing the test, hitting for the same type of average and still being a very, very solid defensive player. I’m not sure they will rush Tocci, but one has to wonder how the front-office views him against some of their higher rated outfielders in the system. I suspect that won’t be an issue before mid-2017, at the earliest.
  10. Zach Eflin-P-Reading- I’m concerned a little by the struggles he had when he first came back from the Pan-Am Games, but his last start silenced those mostly for me. The biggest knock on Eflin is that he doesn’t strike guys out, but that doesn’t really bother me. He’s big, and gets downward movement on his ball, so if he’s rolling ground balls, he’s throwing well. His big frame should help him be a durable starter that gives you a quality start every fifth day. His season in Reading has been a lot more good than bad, and I suspect he’s in AAA to start 2016, with a shot to reach Philadelphia by the end of the season.
  11. Kelly Dugan-OF-Lehigh Valley- Just promoted to Lehigh Valley, the former top pick of the Phillies has hit for high average since coming off the DL. The one knock on him is he isn’t hitting for power, but that’s not as big of a deal for a .325 hitter. He’s a guy that projects to get a shot sometime soon, and has a 40 man spot.
  12. Jose Pujols-OF-Williamsport- He’s got incredible raw tools, starting with amazing bat speed. He’s got great speed, is a solid defender, and can hit for power. There’s not much to not like with Pujols, other than just waiting for his game to become more polished.
  13. Jerad Eichoff-P-Lehigh Valley- Picked up in the Hamels trade, he flashes dominance at the AAA level and could be up sooner than later. He can throw in the mid-90s and probably profiles as a back of the rotation guy, but could push into the mid-rotation with some success.
  14. Andrew Knapp-C-Reading- The former second round pick was promoted to Reading after making the FSL All-Star Game, and has simply taken off. He’s an almost lock for a hit each night, if not more, and his offense could push him into the starting job sometime soon. The important thing is his defense though, which seems to be improving. The future is still very unwritten on Knapp.
  15. Jesse Biddle-P-Lehigh Valley- Biddle is the most confusing player on this list. His swing-and-miss stuff is down this year. His control has mostly been better, but is still a huge problem. He has the occasional awful start, and then follows it up with a great one. He’s been good overall since his promotion to Lehigh Valley, but still has the occasional inning where he can’t throw a strike to save his life. With all of that said, if he can cut his walks and work on his potentially lethal slider, he can still be at a minimum a major leaguer, if not a starter.
  16. Ben Lively-P-Reading- He’s a durable, capable starter who profiles in the mid-to-back end of the rotation. While he hasn’t dominated Reading the way he did the lower minors for the Reds system, Lively has thrown the most innings on the team, and posted respectable across-the-board numbers.
  17. Nick Pivetta-P-Reading- The former Nationals Prospect profiles as a back-end of the rotation starter, with a solid fastball and the ability to be a work-horse. He has struggled in AA so far, but it’s important to remember that he’s only been there a short time, and should improve there in due time.
  18. Alberto Tirado-RP-Reading- The former #9 prospect in the Blue Jays organization, Tirado could be converted back into a starter in short time to get some work, but he profiles as a really good high-leverage situation reliever. It will be interesting to see his level and role for next season.
  19. Ricardo Pinto-P-Clearwater- By the end of this season, I might concur with others that he’s a top ten prospect. He dominated Lakewood, and has been really good at Clearwater. He’s not an upper-90s guy, but he has more than enough stuff to make it to the big leagues.
  20. Alec Asher-P-Lehigh Valley- He profiles nicely as a back-end of the rotation arm if all plays out right. Picked up in the Hamels trade, he could help quickly, considering he is already in AAA, though I think it’s fair to say his timeline is a little behind Eichoff.
  21. Scott Kingery-2B-Lakewood- This year’s second round pick started slowly at the plate, but has picked up his performance lately. If he just holds his current performance, I’d expect to see him at Clearwater to start 2016, and he might move fast from there. He’s this year’s Nola, in that he was drafted at an advanced point and might not have to take as long in each level.
  22. Brandon Leibrandt-P-Clearwater- He’s been a steady and consistently good starter for the Threshers all season, and really should get a look at Reading this season, though there may not be room for him this season. He’s quiet, but he’s also pretty good.
  23. Tom Windle-RP-Reading- When starting doesn’t work out, the bullpen can be a great place to go. Obtained for Jimmy Rollins last Winter, Windle was inconsistent as a starter in Reading, but has been very good in the bullpen. His fastball/slider combination could be lethal at the end of games, as he has a deadly slider.
  24. Matt Imhof-P-Clearwater- The 2014 second round pick has had an up and down season, hampered by an early injury that took time away from his development. He’s having a good, if unspectacular 2015 in Clearwater, and a solid finish gives him a shot at Reading next season.
  25. Jimmy Cordero-RP-Reading- The “second” piece in the Revere trade, he throws a baseball 100 MPH. If the Phillies can clean up his mechanics and control, he’s a serious power arm in the back of the bullpen.
  26. Victor Arano-P-Clearwater- The Phillies picked him up for Roberto Hernandez, and now he’s one of the hottest pitchers on the Clearwater roster. A strong finish could put him in Reading next year, and make that trade an absolute steal.
  27. Rhys Hoskins-1B-Clearwater- After an initial “grace period” in Clearwater, Hoskins has picked up hitting like he did in Clearwater. While the power might not be where you want it, the guy can flat out hit, which helps a lot.
  28. Gabriel Lino-C-Lehigh Valley- An excellent defender, he has shown an increase in offensive capacity in 2015. If he continues throwing out half of would-be base stealers, the majors won’t be far off.
  29. Edubray Ramos-RP-Reading- A late innings option, throwing in the mid to upper 90s can’t go unnoticed. I can see him progressing fast next season towards the majors.
  30. Kyle Martin-1B-Lakewood- All he’s done since getting drafted in the 4th round out of South Carolina is hit the ball, hard. He’s not far from a promotion to Clearwater, though he’s got Hoskins to deal with. He’s backing up his 4th round stock well.
  31. Malquin Canelo-SS-Clearwater- Early season success in Lakewood hasn’t carried over to Clearwater, but he has plenty of tools to make you think he could make the leap. I do wonder what their plans are for him.
  32. Jonathan Arauz-SS-Gulf Coast League- He’s hitting .284 at age 16 in the GCL. He’s young for even rookie ball.
  33. Dylan Cozens-OF-Clearwater- He’s a great athlete who is learning to play baseball. There are still holes in his game, and a recent DL stint that didn’t help, but he’s a guy with potential.
  34. Cord Sandberg-OF-Lakewood- He struggled badly early, but he’s played better as the season progresses, perhaps finally tapping into the tools everyone talks about.
  35. Deivi Grullon-C-Lakewood- He has some serious defensive tools, but his offense is still behind. He’s young enough to come along.
  36. Herlis Rodriguez-OF-Lakewood- He’s had a really nice year in the SAL. He’s actually out-performed the higher-rated Sandberg.
  37. Mark Leiter Jr.-P-Reading- While he’s had some struggles since his promotion to AA, he’s also had some very good starts. I still see his stuff as lacking a bit, but he’s a guy that keeps performing decently.
  38. Cam Perkins-OF-Reading- Perkins is a guy who needs a good finish to not get lost in the shuffle. He has shown some power this year, but still hasn’t hit consistently.
  39. Jose Tobias-2B-Williamsport- I like the conversion to second base for this guy, he has a bat that has played up pretty well so far in the NYPL.
  40. Aaron Brown-OF-Clearwater- Brown shows flashes in High-A ball of brilliance. He also hasn’t “broke out” yet on this level.
  41. Nefi Ogando-RP-Lehigh Valley- They got this guy for John McDonald, how about that? He’s got a really good arm, but seems to need some more work in AAA.
  42. Sam McWilliams-P-Gulf Coast League- He’s a big-bodied starter with good sink on his ball. He could take off at some point, or not.
  43. Andrew Pullin-OF-Clearwater- He seems to have 20 home run power, but that would play up better at second base.
  44. Brock Stassi-1B-Reading- Stassi only leads the organization in RBIs, and is amongst the EL leaders in most offensive categories. I don’t get why he’s not in AAA.
  45. Adam Loewen-RP-Lehigh Valley- He was off the radar in the pre-season, but he’s become the AAA closer, and is impressing in the role.
  46. Lucas Williams-SS-Gulf Coast League- The third round pick is playing reasonably well for his young age.
  47. Brian Pointer-OF-Reading- He did walk-off the All-Star Game, which is a good thing. I just see him getting squeezed for playing time.
  48. Zachary Coppola-OF-Williamsport- He’s posted a .300 plus average in NYPL action, but says he needs to get stronger this off-season.
  49. Jhailyn Ortiz-1B-International Signing- That he hasn’t played stateside can’t help his stock, but it’s hard for it to hurt him yet either.
  50. Luis Encarnacion-1B-Gulf Coast League- A recent slump has me down on Luis, whom I expected a big year from in GCL action.

Honorable Mention-

  • GCL Phillies- Bailey Falter-P, Greg Pickett-OF, Juan Luis-OF;
  • Williamsport- Mark Laird-OF, Austin Bossart-C, Jesus Posso-C/1B, Jose Taveras-P, Alejandro Arteaga-P, Mitch Guellar-P;
  • Lakewood- Joey DeNato-RP, Tyler Viza-P, Shane Watson-P, Matt Hockenberry-RP, Ranfi Casimiro-P;
  • Clearwater- Willians Astudillo-C, Jesmuel Valentin-2B, Alexis Rivero-RP, David Whitehead-P, Ulises Joaquin-RP;
  • Reading- Angelo Mora-2B, Harold Martinez-3B, Joely Rodriguez-RP, Stephen Shackleford-RP;
  • Lehigh Valley- Seth Rosin-RP;
  • International Signing- Rafael Marchan-C;

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