Kane Brought Down By Her Own Paranoia, and the Good Ole’ Boys Club


By all rights, Kathleen Kane was supposed to be lining up to take on Senator Toomey next Fall, right about now. Instead, the word is she will be charged tomorrow by Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman for allegedly leaking documents and then lying about it under oath. Ferman is a Republican, Kane a Democrat.

It is very hard to get a conviction against someone for leaking information, especially since reporters don’t give up their sources. In other words, Kane probably still has an even money shot to win this case. If she’s not convicted of leaking the documents, she likely won’t be convicted of lying about not leaking them. In other words, don’t throw her in jail yet.

With that said, it seems to me that she put herself here. The road to this point has been chronicled enough already, but it’s worth noting that if Kane did go after Frank Fina, or someone else in her office did, it was poor legal and political judgment. Fina worked for the most reviled politician in this state in my lifetime, and most of the state feels he bungled the Sandusky case, even if he didn’t violate any laws. Saying more kids were victimized while he investigated, when they weren’t, leaking the Mondesire case to embarrass him, and even saying there were racial problems with one of his investigations wasn’t necessary. Kane was going to beat Fina by doing a good job, not by humiliating him.

Of course, let’s not lose sight of what went on here on the other side- Tom Corbett’s good ole’ boy stuck it to the lady who took the office from them. Frank Fina and his allies orchestrated a brutal political attack to destroy the first progressive, woman, and Democrat to hold this office. She is a victim of her own success, because conservative men still don’t want to see the girls get to play ball too. The only reason there was an investigation into these leaks is because he took the case to his friends in the ‘burbs and they played along. She did herself in, but the good ole’ boys network was out to make it happen either way.

This is a sad case. I hope she wins the case. I also hope she doesn’t run again, for the good of everyone involved. As for Fina, someone will have to explain to me how he managed to get a court to bar his name from coming out on a list of people sending porn around on state emails. He deserved a lot more public embarrassment for that, and frankly doesn’t deserve to have a job still working for the public in Philadelphia.


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