Eagles Fans and Sense of Self


I was watching Comcast SportsNet last night, and there was a question that struck me really funny. It was a question you could vote on, as a fan, as in a poll. It listed several NFC Football teams besides the Eagles and asked a simple question- which one of them was the biggest competition for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015?

Say what?

The last two NFC Championships were won by the Seattle Seahawks. They beat San Francisco and Green Bay, both of whom beat the Eagles last season. Green Bay is actually the favorite in Vegas to win the Super Bowl this season. Carolina has won the NFC South the last two seasons, and advanced to the divisional round both times, winning a playoff game last season. Dallas won the NFC East and a playoff game last season, and very nearly beat Green Bay in Lambeau. Arizona has a virtually identical resume to the Eagles over the past two seasons.

The Eagles last won a playoff game in the 2008 season.

I get that the Eagles are an intriguing team that the fanbase expects to be very exciting. I get that the fanbase is enamored with Head Coach Chip Kelly and his football operation. I get that players like Byron Maxwell and Demarco Murray excite fans. I do. I get that the team is 20-12 the last two years. I do get all of that, and I get that most people expect anywhere from 9 to 12 wins out of this group (I have it between 9 and 11).

This team is not the favorite to win the NFC though, let alone the Super Bowl. This team is not even one of the favorites. Unless you put on your greenest of shades, you can’t possibly pick this team to win the NFC over Green Bay or Seattle, right now. It’s debatable that this team even wins the NFC East this season.

Being an Eagles fan is hard. It means taking the trash talk of Dallas, New York, and Washington about their championships, and dealing with a 55 year drought of titles that is starting to make us the new Boston Red Sox of sports. It means being a playoff team the majority of my life (32 years), and making it to one Super Bowl, let alone winning one. It basically means convincing yourself that each new coach, each new player, and each new season is going to be the one that finally brings that happiness.

Let’s not be crazy though. This team winning the championship is a stretch. Talking about the Eagles in terms where it’s them and “some other team” contending for the NFC is absurd. This team missed the playoffs last year. How about we just start with a question like, “will they be back in the post-season?” That makes more sense to me.


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