The GOP Debate Stage is Set


A 14 year governor, the guy who won the Iowa Caucus in 2012, the one woman in the GOP field, the governor of Louisiana, the last Republican to win statewide in New York, a Senator with a leading voice on national security, and a former Virginia governor.

Those are the guys out of the GOP’s first debate on Thursday.

In their place is a mix of “mainstream” and “freakshow” Republican candidates ranging from Donald Trump to John Kasich. Favorites like Scott Walker and Jeb Bush will have to contend with showmen like Chris Christie and Ted Cruz. Rand Paul will get a chance to spew his rhetoric, while Marco Rubio will get the choice of which Marco he is today. Meanwhile Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee get the opportunity to freak us all out with whatever nonsense they’ll say on this occasion.

Excited yet?

I suppose it’s not formally over for Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki (Jim Gilmore just got in), but it’s bad for them. Not even making the debate is basically equal to not being considered viable in Iowa’s caucuses or New Hampshire’s primary, just earlier. Donors are looking to narrow the field, and this will help do so- by eliminating most of them. I suppose being 11th or 12th could be okay, if someone bombs in this debate, but if not, the ballgame is ending now.


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