The Phillies 2016 Payroll, Updated


With Papelbon, Hamels, and Revere all gone now, the 2016 Phillies payroll has fallen substantially. With Papelbon’s $13 million option for 2016 lowered and completely moved to Washington, the complicated Hamels for Harrison and prospects netting at least $6 million in savings, and Revere’s likely arbitration award in the neighborhood of $6-7 million moved out, the Phillies likely saved $25 million at the deadline, in addition to the savings from Cliff Lee and Chase Utley’s options not vesting for 2016. Put the savings in the $53 million neighborhood for 2016.

I have the current 2016 payroll floor at $86,670,000, before adding on the benefits and 40 man bonuses. I have them at a $96,670,000 total payroll right now, bringing them down below $100,000,000 for the first time in a very long time. See how here:

2016 Phillies Salaries

We all obviously hope that’s not the roster they trot out on opening day next season, but it’s the starting block for what they will trot out. Obvious savings can still come from non-tendering Dom Brown, Justin De Fratus, and others, or if Matt Harrison is unable to play, and his insurance kicks in for his salary. This could actually go substantially lower under that scenario, possibly as far as $76,000,000 to start the off-season. In that case, this could be a really interesting off-season.


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