Trust in Chip?


One’s a fluke, two’s a coincidence, and three? Well, I don’t know anymore. Brandon Boykin was traded yesterday, for a conditional fifth round pick. He got traded to the Steelers, a pretty good franchise at finding talent. Boykin then ripped Chip. Chip said he had no idea why.

This story is getting old to me. This is what, the third or fourth time we had this same discussion. I don’t think Chip is a racist. I think he’s running his team, with an iron fist. You can do that at Oregon. It’s hard in the NFL. NFL players are adults, and adults don’t just listen absolutely to their coach. They have their own training routines, their own regiments for the off-season. They may not like smoothies. They have all of their own ideas about how to play the game. This is less about race than it’s about the difference between college kids and men.


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