A Post-Deadline Updated Phillies Prospect Rankings: #’s 31-50


My post-deadline prospect rankings begin with #’s 31-50.

  • 31- Malquin Canelo-SS-Clearwater- Early season success in Lakewood hasn’t carried over to Clearwater, but he has plenty of tools to make you think he could make the leap. I do wonder what their plans are for him.
  • 32- Jonathan Arauz-SS-Gulf Coast League- He’s hitting .284 at age 16 in the GCL. He’s young for even rookie ball.
  • 33- Dylan Cozens-OF-Clearwater- He’s a great athlete who is learning to play baseball. There are still holes in his game, and a recent DL stint that didn’t help, but he’s a guy with potential.
  • 34- Cord Sandberg-OF-Lakewood- He struggled badly early, but he’s played better as the season progresses, perhaps finally tapping into the tools everyone talks about.
  • 35- Deivi Grullon-C-Lakewood- He has some serious defensive tools, but his offense is still behind. He’s young enough to come along.
  • 36- Herlis Rodriguez-OF-Lakewood- He’s had a really nice year in the SAL. He’s actually out-performed the higher-rated Sandberg.
  • 37- Mark Leiter Jr.-P-Reading- While he’s had some struggles since his promotion to AA, he’s also had some very good starts. I still see his stuff as lacking a bit, but he’s a guy that keeps performing decently.
  • 38- Cam Perkins-OF-Reading- Perkins is a guy who needs a good finish to not get lost in the shuffle. He has shown some power this year, but still hasn’t hit consistently.
  • 39- Jose Tobias-2B-Williamsport- I like the conversion to second base for this guy, he has a bat that has played up pretty well so far in the NYPL.
  • 40- Aaron Brown-OF-Clearwater- Brown shows flashes in High-A ball of brilliance. He also hasn’t “broke out” yet on this level.
  • 41- Nefi Ogando-RP-Lehigh Valley- They got this guy for John McDonald, how about that? He’s got a really good arm, but seems to need some more work in AAA.
  • 42- Sam McWilliams-P-Gulf Coast League- He’s a big-bodied starter with good sink on his ball. He could take off at some point, or not.
  • 43- Andrew Pullin-OF-Clearwater- He seems to have 20 home run power, but that would play up better at second base.
  • 44- Brock Stassi-1B-Reading- Stassi only leads the organization in RBIs, and is amongst the EL leaders in most offensive categories. I don’t get why he’s not in AAA.
  • 45- Adam Loewen-RP-Lehigh Valley- He was off the radar in the pre-season, but he’s become the AAA closer, and is impressing in the role.
  • 46- Lucas Williams-SS-Gulf Coast League- The third round pick is playing reasonably well for his young age.
  • 47- Brian Pointer-OF-Reading- He did walk-off the All-Star Game, which is a good thing. I just see him getting squeezed for playing time.
  • 48- Zachary Coppola-OF-Williamsport- He’s posted a .300 plus average in NYPL action, but says he needs to get stronger this off-season.
  • 49- Jhailyn Ortiz-1B-International Signing- That he hasn’t played stateside can’t help his stock, but it’s hard for it to hurt him yet either.
  • 50- Luis Encarnacion-1B-Gulf Coast League- A recent slump has me down on Luis, whom I expected a big year from in GCL action.

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