Scott Walker- Definitely Not From Philly


The Governor of the Cheeseheads should just skip running in Pennsylvania for President. You can’t do this:

Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt at cheese-steak diplomacy appeared to backfire on Tuesday when he stopped at both Pat’s and Geno’s, rival sandwich establishments, during a campaign swing through Philadelphia.

His crime? Asking for American cheese.

Connoisseurs of Philadelphia cheese steaks were aghast that the Republican presidential candidate from Wisconsin would opt against Cheez Whiz, the local condiment of choice, as well as the customary onions.

His first crime, in my eyes, was going to Geno’s, but that’s not the point. It’s always Whiz Wit’, at both. I get Pizza Wit’, which implies cheese whiz, onions, and pizza sauce, because that’s actually a good sandwich. My dad likes to get provolone on his sandwich, which is kind of whatever to me, but not right. I just don’t get why these guys running for President keep trying to get a steak in Philly, and always do it wrong. It’s beyond me.

Honestly though, forget his lack of cheesesteak etiquette- Scott Walker’s just an awful governor, and he’d be an awful President too.


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