Deadline Day- What the Phillies Got So Far, and What’s Possible Yet


If the Phillies do nothing more, this will be their most significant trading deadline since 2012, at least (when they send Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino packing), if not 2009 (the first Lee deal). Gone is the ace of the staff and the All-Star closer, and in their place is $47 million plus of available money and six prospects. One can’t accuse the Phillies of not being active this year. After two deadlines of frustrating inactivity, they have made it very clear they are moving on from the 2008 group.

I’m not going to even attempt to rank the system until the deadline has passed, and I’ve had a day or two to ponder what the Phillies have received, but my initial feelings about the six prospects picked up are very good. I’d think off the top of my head that Williams, Alfaro, and Thompson are top five, while Eichoff, Ascher, and Pivetti are all top twenty prospects, which is very good for two deals. I must admit that I’m most excited about Williams of the group, but see Eichoff as perhaps being the surprise of the trades. I think the Phillies system just went from a true middle of the pack system to a top third of the league system, and now I can start to see how they build a core that can win again by 2017 or 2018. Between the prospects and the money they’ve cleared, I feel good about the new management’s chances to win in the short term. If everything broke right, I could even see a 75 win team in 2016.

With just hours until the deadline, the question now is, are they done? The internet is a-buzz about Ben Revere possibly being traded today, and I’d hardly be shocked if that happened. Given his arbitration status, he has a rising salary that just doesn’t make sense for the Phillies, given his faults as a player and how they play-up with this team. Revere is a very good baseball player, don’t get me wrong, but he’d be better on a better team. Moving Revere for a player makes sense. I’m also not ruling out others possibly going though. Aaron Harang threw well enough last night that there may be a contender willing to try and buy low on him, though I think he’d go in the waiver period. Jeff Francoeur has attracted some buzz, particularly to Pittsburgh, who I could see still taking interest in him as a reserve. Though I think it’s a tough trade to get done today, I could see Carlos Ruiz being available very cheap to another team. Dom Brown doesn’t have much value yet, but it’s possible the Phillies cut ties with the former prospect now or later through a trade.

None of these deals would net anything near what the Phillies have received so far, though Revere might get the Phillies something of value. It’s also highly likely nothing at all happens today. Given the magnitude of the two deals the Phillies pulled off this week, I’d be fine either way. They have already transformed their system, and turned the page on the past. It’s important to note that only Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz are slated to still be on the Phillies from the 2008 team by next season. You can finally say they turned the roster over.


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