Revised- the Phillies Payroll Situation in 2016


Cole Hamels has been traded away, Matt Harrison has been obtained. Obviously this changes the Phillies payroll situation. Yesterday, pre-trade, I pegged their payroll around $96 million.

First off, the Phillies shed $22.5 million in commitments for 2016. I’m assuming the $9.5 million they are paying Texas is being split evenly, so I have that around $2.325 million for next year, so the savings on Hamels is $20 million roughly. They are taking on $13.2 million on Matt Harrison, so the Phillies savings for next season comes out to almost $7 million. Peg their payroll at $89 million next season.

NOTE HERE: I did the math initially based on them paying all the money in the next three years. I amended that to include a payment this year.


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