Goodbye 2008


I might never see a better time in my life than the Fall of 2008. My Phillies won the only championship in my lifetime. President Obama was elected, and I was working in my home state’s capital city for a really solid paycheck. My friends were basically reaching the dawn of adulthood with me, and we were all enjoying the newfound economic success we were having. I loved my apartment in Harrisburg, and life was good.

It was a great time in life, and a large part of that was the joy that Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Carlos Ruiz, and Pat Burrell were giving us as fans. Hamels is now traded to Texas. Howard has one year left on his deal, and many Phillies fans wish he were already dealt. Rollins plays for the Dodgers now. Utley’s not going to vest his option for 2016, and is presumably gone. Ruiz has seen his performance drop, and has just one season left on his deal. I’m going to see Pat Burrell join the Phillies Wall-of-Fame on Friday night. The end is rapidly approaching.

Assuming the Phillies can’t do more, Howard and Ruiz will leave after 2016, and the Phillies will have no one left from their second championship team. The 2008 Phillies will officially be history. Besides Hamels, only Joe Blanton of the post-season rotation (Pittsburgh now) and Kyle Kendrick and J.A. Happ of the regular season rotation (Colorado and Seattle) are still in the league. Only Ryan Madson of their main relievers is still in the league (Royals). Of the remainder of that line-up, Pedro Feliz is out of the league, and Jayson Werth (Nationals) and Shane Victorino (Angels) still play baseball, but neither is the front-line piece they were.

With last night’s trade, it’s fair to say the 2008 Phillies are well on their way to being history in Philadelphia. That’s sad, but it’s reality. We all grow old. We all age out of our best years. The 2008 Phillies were the best of times, but they are now seven years into history. We’re close to closing the books on their era here. While that is said, it’s a part of life. I’m excited for the next era in Philadelphia, even if it is sad to watch the ending.


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