America is Still a Great Country


People spend a lot of time talking about what’s wrong in America. You hear how the people have this and that wrong with them, the government can’t do anything, and other countries are doing all sorts of things better than us. We’re clearly heading the way of the British Monarchy, Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, or the Ottoman Empire- into has been status!

Well, I don’t buy it. Maybe i’m living in an alternative reality- or you are. I’ve seen us do some great things:

  1. We just flew a space probe to Pluto. That’s Pluto, the furthest planet away in our “traditional” solar system.
  2. Under President Bush we increased our health funding to Africa, to fight things like AIDS.
  3. We’ve reached accords with Cuba on normalization of relations, with Iran on nuclear arms, and with China on carbon emissions over the past year.
  4. Our Women’s Soccer team just won the World Cup, making them the best in the world.
  5. When tragedies struck in Haiti, South Asia, and the Pacific, American military members were on the ground to help.
  6. We’re approaching twenty million Americans covered under the Affordable Care Act, with tens of millions more covered under Medicare and Medicaid.
  7. We managed to get countries from the United Kingdom to China and Russia to sign on to sanctions against the Iranian government in the first place.
  8. New York City has just produced not one, but two of the largest skyscrapers in the Western Hemisphere within the last decade.
  9. We’ve watched our crime rate fall to record lows over the last twenty years.
  10. We still live in a country with paved roads, running water, public schools, the best military in the world, inspected food, affordable gasoline and energy prices, police and fire fighters protecting our communities, hospitals and a public health system, a justice system, and a public housing system. All of that separates us from much of the world.

Yeah…. we don’t suck at all. Even some of our supposed problems- like the debt- are things we had solved in the not-so-distant past. We’re still a very, very capable nation.


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