Three Questions for Trump on Iraq and Oil

Ok, this is going to be fun…. I saw this article on Vox about Trump’s statements on Iraq and Oil, so I came up with three fun questions I’d love to see Trump answer on this. The answer’s would be telling.

  1. Who the hell is “we?” Last I checked, multi-national corporations we call oil companies pump oil out of the ground, not the U.S. Government. Is he proposing we create the U.S. National Oil Company, a government run entity?
  2. Under what authority should we take the oil? We invaded the Iraqi nation, why shouldn’t the Iraqi people have the oil? They certainly didn’t get anything for it.
  3. Even if we took his advice and created a huge socialist entity to crush all private oil companies with, and just stole the oil, what does he propose we do with the oil we stole? If we sell it, what do we do with that money?

Policy is a lot harder than bravado and bluster. I’d love to hear the answers here.


One Response to “Three Questions for Trump on Iraq and Oil”

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker Says:

    We have plenty of oil. Obama just refuses to release it. In the Gulf of Mexico, Wyoming, Alaska, etc. We don’t need their oil.

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