Pre-Camp Predictions: The Eagles Will Win 11


I think by now, if you’ve read me here (or anywhere else), you know that I’m not a huge optimist when it comes to the Eagles. I’m certainly not a blind follower of Chip Kelly, nor am I a huge fan of his off-season. I’m not a believer that they can yet compete with Green Bay or Seattle either. I’m what I like to call an Eagles realist, and I realistically think they should win between 9 and 11 games.

Now, part of this is that they better win at least 10 games, or Chip Kelly’s hold on Philadelphia’s coaching job won’t be quite as safe. Part of this is also that he needs to do more than this- he needs to win a playoff game. The Eagles schedule isn’t particularly brutal on paper though. In fact, I’d hesitantly say it’s as “easy” as you can call an NFL schedule easy. The AFC East isn’t particularly awesome on paper, nor is the NFC South, heading into the season, and they account for 8 games. The NFC East games are always hard, but not impossible, and the remaining two games, Arizona and Detroit are toss-ups.

So how do I get to this 11 wins? Their home games this season are Dallas, New Orleans, New York Giants, Miami, Tampa, Buffalo, Arizona, and Washington. I’d probably take them to beat New Orleans, New York, Tampa, Buffalo, and Washington in most stadiums on paper. I’ll definitely take them over Miami in Philadelphia, though I don’t know if I would on the road. Arizona traveling cross-country takes that game from a toss-up to a game I’ll take the Eagles. I think the Eagles will split with the Cowboys, though I don’t know who wins where. I’m saying they go 6-2 at home, with my low-end being 5-3.

So on the road, they face Atlanta, New York Jets, Washington, Carolina, Dallas, Detroit, New England, and New York Giants. I’d pick them to lose to New England in either stadium, and I don’t like playing at Atlanta, Carolina, or Detroit very much. I said a split with Dallas already, and New York and Washington are still division road games. The Jets are the one team I definitely like them against on the road. I’m saying they go 5-3 on this schedule, and wouldn’t be shocked if they went 4-4.

If that’s the football team they are, the low home and away records give you 9-7, while the high ones say 11-5. I’m tempted to split the difference and say 10-6, but I won’t. I’m going to ignore all of my fears about this team, and say 11-5. I do caution that if everything goes wrong, I can see 4-12, but I don’t expect that. I expect them to win four or five in the NFC East, split with Arizona and Detroit, and split with the NFC South, giving them an 8-4 in conference record. I expect them to win three of four against the AFC East.

This is pre-camp, and not my final pick. That’s still a few weeks away. I’m an optimist right now.


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