American Conservatives Love Trump, Hate the Pope


So Donald Trump now has several polls showing him with a strong lead nationally in the Republican race for President. He’s doing it on the back of calling Mexicans “rapists and drug dealers,” the President an illegal alien, John McCain a fake war hero, and his rivals a bunch of idiots. Conservatives are rallying to him, almost as a badge of honor against the “mainstream media” that is so shocked by Trump’s success.

Pope Francis popularity is falling in the United States, mostly because of a substantial drop in support amongst American conservatives. They are unhappy with Francis emphasis on helping the poor and accepting people who do things the church doesn’t approve of, as well as not liking his stance that we must protect the one Earth that God gave us. Conservatives are mad that he’s preaching love and good stewardship of our world.

When I say the Republican Party’s problem is not the money, the candidates, the office-holders, or anything else, just their voters, I mean it. The problem the Republican Party has is the conservative base. They militantly believe in things the rest of the world doesn’t, and they are mad as hell about it. They are so mad that they dislike a historic Pope for actually preaching the word of Jesus- love thy neighbor, help the poor, conserve our world-, and are rallying to a three-time married, several times bankrupt, hate-spewing reality TV actor who once invited Bill and Hillary Clinton to one of his several weddings. In other words, these people are quite ignorant, and are just lashing out at the rest of us for not agreeing with them at this point.

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