Peace Can Be Made- I’m Going to Cheer Jayson Werth Tonight


When I lived in Washington, DC, I went to exactly one Nationals game in the Summer of 2011. At that game, a Friday night game against the Pirates on July 4th weekend, I mercilessly heckled Jayson Werth and berated him for playing in Washington. It was the start of a trend from 2011-2014 where I boo’ed him in every stadium I saw him, against any opponent. This year, I would have done so again, but both times I saw the Nationals, Werth wasn’t there.

I was not a huge Werth fan in Philadelphia. I wanted the Phillies to trade him during the 2010 season, before he walked away. Then he of course went to Washington for seven years and $126 million, and he was basically dead to me. I don’t blame him at all for taking the money, he was right and smart to, I just hate the DC area with a burning passion. I’m mostly bitter that he went there.

So tonight will be the first time I see Werth play baseball in 2015, as he is ironically doing his rehab assignment in Lehigh Valley against the IronPigs, and I have tickets. When I first saw, my eyes immediately lit up- Werth, in a minor league park? Yes, I can heckle him worse. Everything is perfect, my seats are behind the plate, the beer tent is in right field….

But no. I’m not going to take the bait. Bygones are bygones. Werth has basically been the one member of the 2008 Phillies i’ve held a grudge against, and it’s over totally irrelevant things- not that he got money, but that he got it there. Oh well, good for him. He did a good job here for the Phillies, we won a championship, and then the man got paid. Good for him. Tonight when he comes up to bat, I’m going to give him a rousing ovation. He’s a nice piece of our history now, and frankly i’m going to appreciate it.

So here’s to Jayson Werth- i’m toasting the first beer tonight to him.


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