Oh, Shocking- People Hate Eagles Fans


So apparently Sports Illustrated ranked the Eagles fans as the most hated. I’m shocked. Stunned. Absolutely unbelievable. I mean, they threw snowballs at Santa or something, right?

I do get annoyed at my fellow Eagles fans sometimes. The constant “this is the year” stuff, the Chip worship, the turning on stars like Shady McCoy, and the relative meanness of our crowds are all pretty stupid. I agree with that. This is still petty though.

Yes, the Eagles fans are loud and proud, so what? Yes, they love their team, that’s good. Yes, they pack that stadium in thick and thin. The Eagles have great fans, to be honest. They don’t pipe in noise, like some. They don’t have to win every year to keep their fans interested. They have loud, proud fans that stick by their team. If that’s the worst in football, then wear that “worst” tag proudly.


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