McGinty for Senate?


Roughly six months into the Wolf Administration, Katie McGinty is resigning as Chief-of-Staff for the Governor, and entering the U.S. Senate Primary against Joe Sestak. I have my views on that, and it has repercussions for the Senate race, all of which I’m sure Sestak and the GOP are taking note of. With that said, McGinty is an able fundraiser who will have the support of the Governor in this race.

I don’t have a strong opinion in the McGinty-Sestak race at this time. Sestak ran and lost last time, and ruffled just about everyone’s feathers in the meanwhile. He does have the on-paper profile of a winner though, and he came close in a tough year. McGinty will be the favored pick of many insiders in the party, and should raise some serious cash, but carries some negatives into the race, and didn’t do that great in 2014’s primary. Both have their ups and downs as candidates.

It’ll be interesting to see who comes out ahead. Count me as undecided right now.


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