Cutting Through the Phillies Deadline Noise


If you follow the trade deadline headlines hour by hour, you’re probably totally confused right now. One hour Cole Hamels has five suitors, the next hour the asking price is too high. So which is it? Well, for one, don’t get too caught up in each report. Don’t get too caught up in each performance.

Here’s my breakdown on where each rumored name is, and what they’ll fetch.

  • Cole Hamels- I believe he’ll be traded. There are at least five suitors- the Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox, Rangers, and Astros- and now you may see a few more get in- Kansas City stands out here. I still believe he’ll get one to two feature pieces, and probably three to five prospects in the end, depending on who the headline piece is, and how much money changes hands.
  • Jonathan Papelbon- While his market appears less lively, I still lean towards them pulling off a deal. Papelbon has simply been as good or better than all other closers this year, and has a great track record. My guess is he will get one to two prospects in return, with one being very good, depending on who is paying more of his contract.
  • Ben Revere- Is he the biggest lock to go? Revere nearly went to the Angels earlier this year, and I still think he goes now. I think he’ll get a very good prospect back for the Phillies, probably from either Pittsburgh or the Angels in the end.
  • Carlos Ruiz- I do think he will be traded, and I don’t think the Phillies will get much. This is just a matter of clearing space for younger guys, and getting out of some of the money.
  • Jeff Francoeur- I’m split on if I want him to go or not, but if they can get a player worthwhile for the future, they should move Francoeur. I think it’d be one prospect max, but with not much money involved, I think it’s 51/49 it gets done.
  • Freddy Galvis- Say what? There are teams on the market that need shortstops, and Freddy is not the Phillies future at the position. He’s had a very nice year at the plate, and he’s capable of being very solid in the field, so he has value. If the Phillies get an offer that is very good, the Phillies could do this. I don’t think it’s likely though.
  • Ken Giles- Yes, he’s the closer of the future, but that’s only true if he’s not more valuable to trade. If the Phillies can get a top 50 prospect and a second player in a trade, I would do so. I don’t think this will happen.
  • Ryan Howard- I have real doubts that this can happen, but his power numbers are good, so you can hope they would move him. Hope. I don’t think it happens.

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