Congressional Republicans, Israeli Government, American Protestors Call for…. War With Iran?


There are protestors in New York today who want to “Stop Iran.” On Capitol Hill, there are Republicans posturing in Senate hearings today, making their point that the Iran Deal isn’t good. Of course, there is the flawed case of the Israeli Government against the deal as well. So what do these guys want?

Well, they have lots of claims. They want Iran to give up all nuclear energy development, for instance. The problem with that is that it’s not plausible. Having a civilian nuclear program does not violate international law. Iran couldn’t give that up now if it wanted to either. These guys also claim they don’t want Iran to get their money back from frozen accounts though, because it will go to bad things. Well, there isn’t international support for keeping their bank accounts frozen forever, so that wasn’t an option. Besides that, they have domestic concerns that will eat up a lot of the money in question. Finally, we hear about the inadequacy of the inspections. Well, nuclear experts seem to disagree. Besides that, the IAEA is pretty good at their job.

Yes, Iran does get some rewards for agreeing to give up a military nuclear program and submit to inspections, that’s how agreements work. The agreement is a good agreement. If you want to push Iran further, they’ll probably walk away. If they walk away, that means…. war.

This is the simple fact of the matter- you either negotiate an agreement, or you go to war. The third option is to let a country with whom you have issues have a nuclear bomb, and no one is taking that position. While I get that some of the protestors probably think there could be a tougher deal, but that opinion is just not grounded in reality. The inspectors can catch any actual nuclear activity under the deal, the Iranians are not going to take a deal that doesn’t give them their money back and a civilian nuclear program, and there isn’t international support for the kind of agreement conservatives seem to want. The truth is, there are two options.

So I guess the opponents want war.


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