Clinton, Bush, and the Conspiracy Nuts and Cynics Attacking Them

11229697_862726590442587_9175562477646958187_nSo former Presidents Bush and Clinton posed together for a photo shoot, and did a joint interview together for Time Magazine. This is significant because they’re former Presidents, and they have family poised to face off in 2016. These are rare times. I found it to be pretty cool.

Even more fascinating, and disturbing to be honest, was the number of crazy, conspiracy driven lunatics that were commenting on this on Facebook. They were accused of being the “NWO,” fascists, and all other forms of horrible. They were even accused of being “the same” by some on there, which is hilarious to anyone who lived through the 90s and 00s.

I think Bill Clinton was the best President of my lifetime by a mile, and Dubbya’ the worst, by a mile. I still find the two of them to be decent human beings. I also find them to be very different politically. I actually like them both, as people, and don’t get the hate.

It’s a real shame the way our public has “dumbed down” to conspiracy theories and crazy talk. Most people don’t take the time to get to learn about their government or how it works, but they generally just accept conspiracy theories and other crazy talk as “probably true.” They know little about the differences in the two parties, or their similarities for that matter, but just label them as “the same.” The public has become so disinterested in public policy and governance that believing in the illuminati and conspiracy theories is now easier than trying to understand how the government actually runs- or really how anything else runs either. That’s kind of sad to watch.


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