Monday Morning Check-In: The Week That Was


The week that was began fairly calm. I spent the first few days working on some minor projects and preparing for a more busy end of the week. On Thursday though, things got pretty lively.


First off, I started the day going down to the Gateway National Park, to the Sandy Hook National Seashore. I spent about three hours there, took a beating from the waves, and got burned up by the sun. I love the ocean though, so it was well worth the abuse, and would have made my day by itself.


Thursday night though, we took a trip up to Citi Field in New York City to see the Foo Fighters show. The sold out show was a real classic. The Foo Fighters played a three hour set of high energy rock and amazed at least this one fan.


Obviously the Foo Fighters are one of my favorite bands, and seeing them in general was special, but seeing them in New York had extra sentimental value for me. You tend to associate songs with time periods and people in your life, and for me, I’ve spent most of the last four years in the New York/New Jersey area for work and my personal life, and getting to see them in that place had an added value for me.

I spent Friday night at CHT in Easton, and Saturday night at The Wooden Match in Bethlehem, two of my favorite bars in the area. As always, they were a great time.


Sunday was my 21st baseball game of the 2015 season, major and minor leagues, but it was a bit different. While we were watching the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, a normal event, we did so in the Hall-of-Fame Club. The Phillies generously gave us these tickets for being committed season ticket holders for the last 25 seasons now. The Hall-of-Fame Club is very cool, as you see the display of great events in ballpark and club history, and the displays for all the Hall-of-Famers in club and city history. I won’t say it was “better” than our normal seats, but it was a nice change.


The Phillies turned over a new leaf and won a walk-off too, getting a sweep for the second time this season. The season is going nowhere, but at least the game was fun to watch. At this point, that’s all I care about.

I was physically fighting myself a bit this week, as I seem to have pulled some sort of upper back/neck muscle and have struggled with that. Otherwise though, I’m healthy and happy, and ready for the week ahead, featuring three more baseball games, and hopefully a lot more than that.


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