Major Garrett’s Ignorant, Disrespectful, and Tasteless Question


Major Garrett actually went there. He actually asked President Obama why he was “content” to leave four Americans in Iran either as captives or simply missing, while making this deal. It was so blatantly disrespectful, and the implication was obviously that the President didn’t give a damn about these people. It was actually shocking in real time, and has made me angrier as I think about it more.

A few points:

  • The question was ignorant. You don’t include hostages in a nuclear negotiation. You make the hostages into negotiating chips. If hostages are negotiating chips, why not take more hostages? I mean, it’s a bad policy to include them, and it also muddies the discussion up from the issue at hand. We’re not resolving all conflicts with Iran here. We’re getting them to not build a bomb. His question is blatantly ignorant for this reason, but also because it pre-supposes that we’re not also having separate discussions about the hostages.
  • The question was disrespectful because it questioned the motives of the American President. It suggested a real lack of humanity on the President’s part, as though he was some sort of evil individual that felt no compassion for the hostages or their families. I see no evidence to support that. No, he hasn’t secured their release yet, but that in no way proves that he doesn’t care.
  • The question was tasteless, because of what it says Major Garrett thinks of our politics. I would not have accused President George W. Bush of not caring about Americans being held abroad, even ones who were beheaded in Iraq during the war. Why? Because I tend to think better of our leaders. Apparently Garrett doesn’t. That’s pretty sad.

In short, I’m not shocked that the former Fox reporter went there, but I’m disappointed. I guess even as cynical as politics has made me, i’m still not that guy.


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