The Iran Deal is the Right Deal


Iran has the intellectual capital it needs to build a nuclear bomb. They can build centrifuges necessary to create the weapon and build a program. You cannot bomb knowledge out of a country, unless of course you’re willing to slaughter the whole nation.

For this reason, it’s important to understand what the policy options were in regards to Iran: bomb them out of existence, reach an agreement, or continue on the status quo, where Iran continues to develop their program with no assurances, no agreements, and no regulation. Honestly, that means the U.S. and it’s allies had two options only- war or diplomacy.

Given those options, the only responsible decision was to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran. Can we trust Iran? No one really knows if we can trust their government, but their government is far more moderate than just a few short years ago, so it’s the right time to try. Continuing to bury our heads in the sand and not engage the Iranian government is not only to ignore one of the most advanced societies in it’s region and the world, but it is also a non-solution that is unacceptable to any people who value either peace or security. President Obama’s administration correctly decided to engage and seek a solution. They got one, and that is a great credit to them, the allies at the table, and yes, Iran. It’s a good day in the world.

So what is in this deal. From the White House’s email on the subject:

Because of this deal, Iran will not be able to produce highly enriched uranium or weapons-grade plutonium, the raw materials necessary to build a bomb. Here’s why:

Under this deal, Iran will reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium by 98 percent, remove two-thirds of its installed centrifuges — the machines necessary to produce highly enriched uranium — and store them under constant international supervision.

To put that in perspective, Iran currently has a stockpile that could produce up to 10 nuclear weapons. Now, its uranium stockpile will be reduced to a fraction of what would be required for a single weapon.

Under this deal, Iran will modify its nuclear reactor in Arak so it cannot produce weapons-grade plutonium — and all spent fuel from the reactor will be shipped out of the country indefinitely.

This deal is not built on trust — it’s built on verification. Under this deal, we will, for the first time, be in a position to verify that Iran is meeting all of these commitments. International nuclear inspectors will have access to Iran’s nuclear program — where necessary, when necessary. This is the most comprehensive and intrusive verification regime that we have ever negotiated. If Iran tries to divert raw materials to covert facilities, inspectors will be able to access any suspicious locations.

As Iran implements this deal, it will receive gradual relief from sanctions. If it violates any aspect of this deal, sanctions that have crippled Iran’s economy will snap back into place.

That is the key aspect of this, the Iranian public’s need for change. Just a few short years ago, the nation’s youth protested what they felt was a rigged election. In the next election, they elected the “moderate” (by their terms) option for President, and wanted engagement with the West. The economic problems in Iran were getting tough for the regime to deal with at home, and they needed to change their status in the global market. Hence, they came to the table and the U.S. got a fairly decent deal. No, they did not dismantle the Iranian nuclear program completely, they allowed it to continue for civilian purposes. No, the inspections program isn’t 100% absolute at all times, but it is a consistent inspections program with mechanisms for bad findings. The deal does give us means to keep Iran from building a nuclear bomb, and keep their program in check. We do not have that today.

So basically, the Iran Deal is an upgrade over the status quo, and is clearly a superior option to bombing Iran. Another endless war with an advanced military power is not something the American people want, or need. Beyond this being the smart choice for us, it is also the right choice for the future. Iran has the ability to be a nation that takes part in the world community. It has the ability to actually be an allied power against enemies like ISIS. Iran has an amazing, old culture that should be shared with the world. The common Iranian does not need to be our enemy, and this is step one to moving beyond that paradigm. The people opposing this deal today- Bibi Netanyahu, Jeb Bush, and Speaker Boehner- all supported the disaster war in Iraq, so why do we listen to their “judgment” at all? The diplomats who made this deal made historic process today. We should all be proud.


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