The Phillies at Fourteen Weeks- Historic


The Phillies did something they never did before on Sunday- they lost their 62nd game before the All-Star break. Cole Hamels had his worst inning of his entire professional baseball career on Friday night. About the only normal thing that happened this week was the results of the baseball games they played- losses.

The Phillies are 29-62 after a 1-6 road trip that basically saw them play uncompetitive baseball. They were shut out by Kershaw and Greinke, and simply outclassed by San Francisco. The Phillies made sure the top two teams out west got three wins a piece this week by not hitting very well, not pitching very well, and generally not doing much right.

Thankfully, the Phillies can’t lose for the next three days. That’s a welcome change for this team.

  • Record- 29-62, 1-6 for the week
  • Highlight- They won a baseball game in Los Angeles this week, and it was Billingsley’s first win in two years.
  • Lowlight- Clearly Hamels meltdown in San Francisco takes the cake.
  • MVP- Someone does have to win this, so David Buchanan wins for pitching pretty decent Saturday night.
  • LVP- Hamels in a landslide.
  • This Week- After a four day break, Friday they welcome Miami for three craptastic games.

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